The best thing about volcanoes is that they create new ground. Most of the time that new ground turns out to be beach-front property: the most valuable kind. We create new ground with strategy-based planning, strategy-based marketing, strategy-based advertising, strategy-based communications and strategy-based design. (You should be picking up a theme right about now.) The strategy thing is all-important. Strategy permeates everything we do. It’s our most active ingredient, whether it’s naming or packaging or websites or guerilla tactics or viral stuff or anything else. Strategy is how you beat the other guy at chess. Strategy is how you make your new ground endure. Strategy is how you win. Period.

The really neat thing about a strategy is… it happens first. So you don’t waste your money or your time on tactics that ultimately don’t pay off. Here’s a free tip: If you feel like you’re wasting money and time on stuff that isn’t paying off, you might want to check and see if you forgot to pack your strategy. (And by the way, if your strategy is missing, we can help you find it. If it isn’t working, we can create one that will.) 

So if you’re looking to create new ground, call us. If you’re just nosing around, have fun. If you’re a virgin, try Kilauea.